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Various Questions and Answers

The following 5 answers are from Candidate
Mark Montague

1. As Americans we are blessed to have the opportunity, privilege and responsibility to be involved in the election process. Having been involved with the youth in our community for many years, I am excited to be a candidate for Hastings Public School Board. In my time working with and alongside youth, I've witnessed changes including an increase  in anxiety, depression, immorality and a lack of hope that many struggle with. In light of these factors, it is essential that we focus more on the influence and relationship the Public Schools community and families have in the lives of these students.

2. I have attended several school board meetings in the past as an observer. Most recently being a meeting in which several parents and teachers voiced concerns with recent changes that had recently been made at the administration level with no communication, input or involvement from parents or teachers prior.

3. Two of our children have graduated from Hastings Senior High, with our third set to begin as a freshman at Hastings Senior High next year. We have been involved in Music, Theater, Sports, Debate and other extracurricular activities, all of which came with their own unique challenges. 

5. I agree and support the mission statement of Hastings Public Schools. Schools should remain a safe place for learning.

10. Many views coming from the community are that the public schools are not a safe learning environment and have drifted from their original purpose.  I believe encouraging healthy conversation and intentional communication between the community, parents, teachers and administrators would be the best course to take in order that we might see improvement in understanding and decision making in the future. 

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